Current Trends and Future Opportunities

There are so many technologies in use today that we take for granted.  Once in a while a patient or family will be astonished at “what can be done now.”  Or, “it’s amazing what they can do these days.”  It puts things into perspective as we go through our daily routine when it is pointed out that a patient would not be alive if the event had occurred even in the recent past.  Continue reading


Workflow and Human Factors for Quality Evaluation

custom workflow management system

Welcome to Post number 3 of Abbott Informatics.  This week we are going to discuss workflow related to the chest pain program.   Workflow is the sequence of physical and mental tasks performed by various people within and between work environments. It can occur at several levels (one person, between people, across organizations) and can occur sequentially or simultaneously. Continue reading

Describing Informatics for Practice

After the first week of readings, in class discussion with my classmates in a presentation by the professor, I am getting a better understanding of what informatics means on a very large-scale and what it means for my particular practice of nursing. I learned that data needs to be turned into information and sorted into some kind of knowledge to apply to our practice. There are many technological tools in existence to help this process along. Continue reading